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          GOWETRANS is a Chinese Translation Company, based in Guangzhou, organized under the support of Government and Enterprises. The key members are Doctors and Postgraduates from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Sun Yat-Sen University. We are creative, enthusiastic, we love translation as a career insted just a job. We are helpful, we would love to bring you successful business through our translation capabilities and network in China. We will bring you manufacturers, exhibitors, trade companies and friends. We are young, we would love to be a friend of yours, you are welcomed to contact us whenever you want.

          Interpretation Process:

          1. You tell us the date, place, type of the event.
          2. We recommend you the suitable interpreter and send to you the resume to confirm.
          3. If you choose the interpreter, then contract will be signed.
          4. 50% deposit shall be paid first, 3 days the rest be paid after case is closed.

          Documents Translation Process:

          1. You send us the need-to-be translated documents; tell us the deadline for the translated documents.
          2. We translate 100 words for free for you.
          3. You check the documents.
          4. If you agree with our quality, then contract will be signed.
          5. 50% deposit shall be paid first, 3 days the rest be paid after the documents be handed over.

          Email:  gowetrans@hotmail.com  

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